This custom built Mediterranean style home was built in the Preston Hollow Area of Dallas, TX 75230 by Desco Fine Homes.

Bluffview – Luxury and Location!


Desco Fine Homes builds new custom homes and remodels homes in the Bluffview area of Dallas in zip codes 75205, 75209, 75220, 75225, 75235.

Bluffview and the Bluffview Estates are tremendously popular for both homebuyers and custom homebuilders in the Dallas market, due to its prime location and beautiful, unique homes. West of the Dallas North Tollway, and situated north of Lover’s Lane and continuing until Northwest Highway, including the Inwood Road and Devonshire neighborhoods on the east, Bluffview has become one of the most sought after neighborhoods for its rich real estate history and premiere location in the heart of the Metroplex.

Because of its sprawling estates and custom homes since the area flourished, Bluffview is truly above cut of the upper-echelon of Texas. But when it comes to the home building needs of the community, who is the quintessential, go-to homebuilder?

Desco Fine Homes, a custom homebuilder and remodeler, has been building and remodeling homes for more than three decades. This means wisdom, experience, and dependability. Desco’s team of custom homebuilders offers high performance, high standards, innovative ideas, and a focus on customer satisfaction.


In addition to home design and construction of custom homes, we are custom builders who can update and refine houses. Whether it is an existing home for sale that needs kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or an empty lot waiting for the perfect custom built home; when it’s time to move into the coveted Bluffview neighborhood, Desco Fine Homes can transform any house into a dream home come true.

When searching for a homebuilder in Bluffview or designed home for sale in the area, it is always best to deal with someone who is familiar with that environment. That way, the homebuilder can provide the best additions and remodels to recently purchased homes or custom build homes available. When working with current or potential Bluffview residents, David Goettsche and his professionals at Desco Fine Homes craft magnificent homes and estates, while simultaneously maintaining the house-building trends of Bluffview and keeping pace with all the latest styles and designs.

Not everyone desires a home for sale. There are existing homeowners who desire a new home design for their existing residence. This is a great idea to bring about a specified look and feel. A kitchen remodeling or a bathroom remodeling to exemplify a desired lifestyle could be the perfect idea. A Desco Fine Homes expert who specializes in remodeling will deliver every detail according to plan.

Desco Fine Homes is the area’s premier builders, in all capacities of the most upscale, exquisite, home remodel, design, and building industry. Desco Fine Homes services Bluffview and greater Dallas area residents – for all your upscale home building, design, and remodeling needs, call Desco Fine Homes today.

This custom built home, brought to you by Desco Fine Homes, SOLD in the PRESTON HOLLOW AREA OF DALLAS, TX!
This custom built home, brought to you by Desco Fine Homes, SOLD in the PRESTON HOLLOW AREA OF DALLAS, TX!

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Desco Fine Homes is a Custom Home builder in the Dallas area; Build-to-suit on your lot or ours. Desco Fine Homes Builds Custom Homes, and Remodels Homes, in many areas in the Dallas and North Texas area.

Desco Fine Homes builds new custom homes, and remodels homes, in NORTH DALLAS, PLANO, PRESTON HOLLOW, BLUFFVIEW, LAKEWOOD, and the M-STREETS.